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Seca CT3000i Interpretive ECG


Weight 2.90 kg
SKU SKU17794
Manufacturer Seca
Market Price: £1300.00
Our Price: £994.95 (875.56)


The seca CT3000i ECG offers a variety of features that make it ideal for the surgery or hospital. The 3 channel ECG provides a choice of digital filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference that acquires 12 ECG traces.

The built-in printer provides a copy button to allow additional copies of traces to be printed for recording purposes, and integral rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous use.

The CT3000i includes interperative programmes and a convenient lead-off warning which identifies where the problem lies. Parameters may be preset for your preferred one touch report.

Features include:

3 channel ECG

Auto-start button

12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces print on large, 90mm paper, eliminating trace overlap

Incorporates 'copy' button for extra ECG traces

Choice of digital filters

Useful lead-off warning with identification

Integral rechargeable battery

Up to 4 hours continuous use

Paper tray for either Z-fold or roll paper

Supplied with mains cable, patient cable, 500 disposable electrodes, alligator clips and pack of Z-fold paper.

ECG technical support helpline.


Dimensions: 293 x 210 x 73mm Weight: 2.9kg Warranty: 3 years General Specifications:

ECG Test Type: Resting Suitable Locations: GP Surgery /Patient Home / Community Use ECG Type: Desktop Number of Leads: 12 Channel: 12 LCD Display: No Touch Screen: No Colour Screen: No Built-In Printer: No 4 Inch Thermal Printer: Yes Paper Type: Z-Fold or roll thermal 9cm strip paper Internal ECG Storage: No External Storage: No Attach Results Directly Into EMIS: No Attach Results Directly Into SystmOne: No Attach Results Directly Into Vision: No Paediatric Interpretation: No Battery Life: 4-6 hours USB Port on Machine: No Warranty Information Warranty (Device): 3 years Warranty (Leads and Battery): 3 years 1 Year Extended Warranty: Yes 2 Year Extended Warranty: Yes Dimensions Weight: 2.9kg Dimensions: 293x210x73mm (W X H X D) Interpretation Software: Yes Technical Support Helpline: Yes PDF Output: No PC Required: No Number of Software Licences: N/A Additional Licences Available To Purchase: N/A Demo Available: Yes Training Available: Yes Patient Cable Included: Yes Software Required For Connection to a PC: N/A Accessories Trolley: Optional: seca CT500 ECG Electrodes: 500x tab electrodes supplied Electrode Clips: Pack of 10x supplied Carry Case: seca 582 or seca 580 Dust Cover: Can be used if required ECG Gel: Can be used if required ECG Belt: Can be used if required ECG Paper: z-fold or roll thermal 9cm strip paper: seca CT463Z (z-fold) or seca CT463R (roll) Replacement Patient Leads: Yes Replacement Power Leads: Yes Replacement Battery: Yes, from our service centre