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ar1200view BT tel


Manufacturer Cardioline
Our Price: £1375.00 (1210.00)


This solution includes a portable ECG ar1200view BT and a webuploader telemedicine software.

Ar1200view BT is a Multi-channel electrocardiograph with built-in 3, 6 and 12 channel colour graphic display;thermal head printer (120mm) and Bluetooth interface.

Standard features: manual, automatic and autotimer ECG recording mode; 3, 3+R, 6 and 12 channel printouts; up to 4 configurable user profiles; softtouch alphanumeric keyboard; dual power supply system: mains and rechargeable batteries; possibility to print copies on request; date and time. The memory option to archive up to 100 exams is included.

Webuploader is a software for telemedicina systems, to transmit ECG exams over the internet.