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Schiller CardioFirstAngel CPR Assistant


SKU 2.230349
Manufacturer Schiller
Our Price: £98.95 (87.08)


Schiller's CardioFirstAngel is a low cost device defined on the basis of scientific analysis:

When performing cardiac massage the external pressure must be approx. 410N which might seem very high, however this is the only way to achieve the required pressure of 50-60mm.

A special spring inside the device signals when the correct compression of ca.410N has been reached by means of a clearly audible metallic clicking sound. When the pressure is released an equally loud click can be heard. This continuous change between the “applying pressure click” and the “releasing pressure click” serves as a guide to the correct rhythm for the intermittent change between actively applying pressure and releasing pressure again.

Using this as a rythmn indicator the first aider achieves the required pressure frequency of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.

Unbeatable advantages:

• Correct positioning on the breast bone

• Correct amount of pressure applied (41 kg) announced by a “click” sound

• No direct contact between rescuer and patient

• No power supply required

• Perfect complement to any defibrillator

• Use as CPR training aid

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