Patient Monitors


Patient Monitors

Patient Monitors
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View our range of top quality vital signs monitors for measuring ECG readings, respiration, temperature, oximetry and more.


Cardioline Vsign10 Hand-held Pulse Oximeter

Professional grade hand-held pulse oximeter with a large screen displaying plethysmographic waveform. Includes SpO2 and Pulse Rate configurable alarms.


£349.00 (€307.12)

Cardioline vsignview Monitoring Software

Software displaying vital parameters received by the vsign200 monitors


£3849.00 (€3387.12)

Cardioline vsignview Monitoring System

Software to display vital parameters acquired with the vsign200 monitors series via LAN or WiFi. The software allows you to connect up to a maximum of 16 monitors simultaneously. It can also print or export the monitoring data in Microsoft Excel format and visualize trends. vsignview repeates alarm events generated by monitors.

Includes a dedicated computer with one LCD display and a B/W laser printer.


£4995.00 (€4395.60)

Cardioline elife700 Manual/AED Defibrillator

elife700 is a biphasic Monitor/Defibrillator for advanced monitoring and resuscitation functions.

elife700 incorporates a wide screen displaying ECG signal, monitoring parameters, information and user guide messages.


£4549.00 (€4003.12)