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Gels and Cream

Cardiacare's transmission gels guarantee optimal signal transmission and are ideal for all procedures requiring viscous gel such as in diagnostics, ultrasound, ECG, electro-stimulation, and Intensity Pulsed Light (IPL).

Our transmission gel is neither greasy nor irritating for the skin, completely odourless, non-abrasive, hypoallergenic, salt-free and water soluble. It will not leave stains on skin or clothes.

Gels are packaged in PE bottles of different sizes with a “Flip-Top” locking cap to ensure the product is properly preserved or in our new soft refill bags that offer better handling and bottle filling, no wasted residue left unused inside the container, reduced volume and weight when empty and reduced disposal costs.

  SKU Product Our Price
CMOUG/250 Cardiacare Ultrasound Gel 260ml x 12 £22.20 (19.54)
CMOUG/5 Cardiacare Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre £14.50 (12.76)
SKU17665 PARKER STERILE AQUASONIC® 100 ULTRASOUND GEL 20gm x 48 sachets £59.95 (52.76)