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Fukuda Denshi
Fukuda Denshi offer a range of quality ECG recorders suitable for a variety of medical care users. View the product specifications below to find the device that suits your needs.


Fukuda Denshi FX-8222 Cardimax ECG

The best selling electrocardiograph with 145mm wide paper has been further developed. The FX-8222 comes with a smarter design and easier operation. For more efficiency and agreeable ECG examination, functions and performance have been enriched and also the operating environment has been outstandingly upgraded. 3 year warranty


£1999.99 (€1759.99)

Fukuda Denshi FX-8322 Cardimax ECG

The FX-8322 has been developed from its multi-channel predecessor with a smarter design and easy & convenient functions.  Performance has been upgraded and also has the option for multi-view and analysis reports.  3 year warranty


£2599.99 (€2287.99)