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Our range of Skintact® disposable ECG electrodes combine innovative design & technology with high performance, yet still maintain low costs. This helps us provide a vital component for every hospital with the security of assuring accurate results and patient comfort.

Available in varied shapes and sizes suitable for Monitoring, Stress Testing and Holter examinations.

The solid-gel/biocompatible foam construction guarantees a perfect signal transmission and optimal adhesion for easy application and removal.

Safety and Performance of our electrodes is tested to meet ANSI/AAMI EC12 for performance, ISO 10993 on biocompatibility and the European Medical Device Directive.

Our non-disposable range includes:

•Clamp electrodes with Ag/AgCl sensor in two sizes adaptable to fit universal connections

•Suction chest electrodes in Ag/AgCl in three sizes

  SKU Product Our Price
C110 C110 Paediatric Disposable ECG Electrodes (36mm) x 1200 £102.00 (89.76)
C130 C130 Disposable ECG Electrodes (55mm) x 1200 £102.00 (89.76)
C140 C140 Disposable ECG Electrodes for Short-Term Monitoring (50 x 35mm Oval) x 1200 £84.00 (73.92)
C220 C220 Disposable ECG Electrodes (50mm) x 1200 £119.95 (105.56)
C410 C410 Resting ECG Electrodes x 1200 £102.00 (89.76)
TAB21 TAB21 ECG Tab Electrodes x 500 £29.95 (26.36)
CCCE/1 Limb Clamp ECG Electrodes Adult x 4 £33.95 (29.88)
CCCE/2 Limb Clamp ECG Electrodes Child x 4 £33.95 (29.88)
CCES/15 Suction Chest Electrodes 15mm Paediatric - x 6 £59.95 (52.76)