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Cardioline walk400h Holter ECG


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walk400h is Cardioline's latest-generation holter ECG recorder able to acquire and memorise from 3 to 12 ECG channels, compatible with the holter reader software CARDIOLINE®, for details of which see the relevant documentation.

walk400h is a micro-computer with highly evolved PC connectivity and extensive capacity to memorise and handle holter tests.

The features which distinguish walk400h are:

The beat-beat acquisition of each ECG channel is performed at a minimum frequency of 250 samples per second per channel. For special analytic tests a higher sampling frequency may be chosen. All ECG channels are recorded without interrupting the beat-beat acquisition of signal and without any signal compression.

The recorder contains a flash memory of 1GB allowing holter charts to be memorised for up to one week.

For full technical specification on the walk400h click here