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Why you should run – even if it is just a little!

photo_32608_20140707You don’t have to go out and run marathons to have a healthy heart. Even just a light jog now and again could reduce your risk of death by cardiovascular disease. For some this is easier than others. Some people just come out in a sweat at the thought of running whilst others seem to do it for fun.

If you don’t feel that you can run then start with a walk daily for a few weeks. Starting off walking when you have never run before will ease your body into it and when you do eventually decide to run it will reduce your change of injury.

The older you get the more prone your body is too injury. When we are younger the body can do things that over time it can’t seem to do as well. It is important to ease into it and not get up one day and decide to run as far as you can. You need to warm up, stretch, start with shorter distances. If you go from nothing to running 5 miles a day you will soon find yourself injured. Exercising your heart is great but if you are injured you won’t be getting any exercise.

If it’s the thought of running on the road that puts you off either because you don’t want to be outside, or you don’t want to be seen by other people, then why not go to the local gym and start off with a running machine. The beauty of a running machine is that you can programme it to get faster and longer over time. You can start with a brisk walk and gradually increase the pace until you are running.

Consider the equipment you wear as well. Exercising to improve the health of your heart is the aim but it would be better not to end up with injuries in your back or legs. Make sure you have proper running shoes that have been fitted and that you wear the right socks. Go to a local running shop for advice. They have experienced staff that will be able to help you find what you need.

Most of all enjoy it. If you don’t fancy doing it on your own then find someone you can team up with or better still join a local running club. They aren’t full of elite athletes – more often than not they are like-minded people that just want to get fit. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it.

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