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Are Vitamin Supplements Really That Bad?

A6P3XM bottle of vitimin C pills spilling out onto a white background vitaminIn this tireless age of digital clutter and opinionated noise, it can be difficult to know who or what to trust and take on board. The UK press are consistently printing tales of healthcare anxiety in an attempt to rouse attention and fear. The latest health scare comes in the form of vitamin supplements which are now said to be a potentially fatal catalyst of cancer and heart disease. The story is popping up just about everywhere after a decade long study at the University of Colorado Cancer Centre found that taking over the recommended daily dose would promote such illness by 20%.

fruit n vegIt’s not uncommon to find people forfeiting a healthy diet in exchange for junk food and vitamin supplements but you don’t need a medical degree to tell such behaviour will do the body no good. Supplements are meant to be taken responsibly and in conjunction with an already stable diet, anybody over indulging to compensate are, as common sense would tell you, doing more harm than good.

The test, which was lead by Professor Tim Byers had aimed to see if supplements had the same medical benefits as vitamin rich fruit and vegetables. After finding excessive pills increased the risk of potentially fatal diseases, they presented their findings to the American Association for Cancer Research. Cardiacare believe that, as evident with most things in life, too much of anything is rarely any good for you. Always follow the pharmacist’s instructions and medical labels, don’t over compensate and try and maintain a balanced, healthy diet.

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