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The Undesirable Link Between Heart Disease and Pregnancy

photo_39594_20150724A complicated pregnancy can promote one of the most stressful periods of a grown woman’s life and as such, Cardiacare do not wish to cause further anxiety in our readers. Alas, news has come forward from the Public Health Institute in Berkeley, California which we believe should not go unnoticed. According to their director and senior study author Barbara Cohn, women who experience more than one health complication during pregnancy are at considerably higher risk of developing heart disease in their later years.

In America, heart disease is considered the foremost killer of women with a new study by the aforementioned Berkeley institute adding more fuel to this alarming data. As published on September 21st in the American Heart Association journal ‘Circulation’, the study found that “the risk of fatal heart disease prior to age 60 doubled or even tripled in women who developed pre-eclampsia, a sudden increase in blood pressure late in pregnancy.”

photo_24105_20130409To help support the study, the institution analysed ‘decades of data’ containing the health details of over 15,000 pregnant women between 1959 and 1967 in the local Oakland, California area. Barbara Cohn found that by 2011 368 of these women had died of heart disease and found that these where mothers who had experienced blood pressure issues during pregnancy. Despite this, 64% of women were found to have no complications, 31% had one complication and 5% had two or more.

The study pointed out that the most frequently acknowledged complication to occur during pregnancy was gestational blood pressure which would act as a precursor to ‘preterm delivery, low-birth-weight delivery, and hemoglobin decline’.

If you wish to read into this study in further detail we recommend exploring the current issue of the American Heart Association journal.

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