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Red Wine = Weight Buster? Think Again

photo_1839_20060807What a month for health news, first of all we have outlandish headlines telling us chocolate will help fight cardiovascular disease and now The Daily Telegraph have the gall to tell the nation that drinking “plenty of red wine” will help them lose weight. Understandably this headline has already come under intense scrutiny from countless health experts including a long form feature analysis by the NHS.

The bizarre study was incorrectly reported by certain UK papers as some kind of miracle which gave the go ahead for us become red wine guzzling stick insects.  You’ll also find it humorous to know that the study the press were referring to was carried out on mice instead of humans which arguably makes such findings null in terms of dietary relevance. The study was taken by researchers from South China Agricultural University and Washington State University with particular focus on the effect of ‘resveratrol’ on cells and fat tissue.

It’s true that resveratrol does appear in some red wines and can help mice produce brown fat cells (which grown humans have very little of) as opposed to white fat tissue which thus leads to obesity. The amount of resveratrol in red wine is very minor and given the fact that a 750cl bottle of supermarket slosh would contain 570 calories is hardly going to do you any good. Try and use your better judgement when faced with far-fetched headlines like this and always consult a healthcare professional if you wish to have a drastic change of diet.

You can read more about this here.

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