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Here are Cardiacare we are proud to stock a wide range of Cardioline ECG devices. Such as the Cardioline touchecg tablet and the new Cardioline ar600view VET.

ar600view VET

Cardioline ar600view VET

The Cardioline touchecg tablet is the recommend product for healthcare professionals, specifically in certain fields such as telemedicine, home care, and privatized healthcare.

This new device is a electrocardiograph supplied on a high quality tablet with a clickecgbt acquisition unit. The Cardioline touchecg tablet has Bluetooth capabilities and a simple interface, easy to use system and overall user-friendly experience.

The small and lightweight clickecgbt ensures the highest level of patient care and comfort, whilst still boasting modern features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the options to export examinations in numerous file types such as .png .pdf and .xml

The Cardioline ar600view VET is a dual supply electrocardiograph with a large range of features, for example the basic configuration allows the recording of an ECG and printing the ECG using a high quality thermal print.

Due to nature of the software it can easily be adapted to suit all of your needs. You can also choose to equip your Cardioline ar600view VET with the PC ECG option, meaning the device can display real-time ECG on a computer, this feature aids in the management of patients records.

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